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Mission Statement:

"We are The Opposing Force"

We acknowledge that adversity is an essential dynamic to maintain a healthy gaming environment for everyone. For this, we are 'The Opposing Force'. We fight to maintain balance and say no to bullies and cold wars - breathing fun back into games.

"Team before self!"

We are an international gaming community who respect good sportsmanship, no drama and believe that good sportsmanship goes beyond the game. We enjoy building meaningful friendships and moving in solidarity together into different games throughout the years. We are strong advocates for reciprocal trust and that teamwork makes the dreamwork.

We respect dedication and empower players while also respecting that people have real life commitments as well. Although competitive, we also appreciate casual players. 

Our logo: The Ouroboros inspired by Jormungandr, the world serpent, is shaped in the form of OP. Incidentally it also forms the shape of infinity as well as the astronomical symbol for Opposition. The Ouroboros symbolises balance; the eternal cyclic renewal or a duality cycle of life and death that the Universe maintains. The Spartan Laconic Lambda (where military ranks derive chevron insignias) symbolises 'force', reminiscent of the greatest warriors to walk this earth.

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